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Watch Series Worldwide Via VPN or Smart DNS

Via VPN or Smart DNS service ( or, Netflix customers from Germany can also access the streaming service in other countries such as the USA. The following article presents various options. Netflix offers its services in a total of 130 countries. The content offered is limited to the different regions.

German users of the video streaming service can therefore not easily access the films and series available in the USA or other countries, which often differ from those offered here. One reason for this is that Netflix generally only acquires licenses for a certain period of time and often not for all countries at the same time. Nevertheless, there are opportunities to gain access to Netflix’s worldwide offering. This requires a Netflix subscription or account. The following article reveals how it works.

Although the measures presented below are not illegal, Netflix takes action against them in its Terms of Use and reserves the right to terminate or restrict a customer’s service in the event of violation without compensation or notice. No liability is assumed by

Using Netflix with VPN

The simplest and best known option so far is the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This redirects a user’s data via a VPN server. This simulates that a Netflix customer’s Internet access is located in the country where the VPN server is located – for example in the USA. To connect to a VPN server, a so-called VPN tunnel is set up, which allows password-protected access through the firewall. The IP address and access can only be traced back from the outside up to this point.

  • Two popular VPN providers are Spotflux and VersaVPN.
  • These encrypt user data and, like many VPN services, offer a trial week or even a trial month for testing purposes.
  • However, the costs are kept within limits afterwards. The cheapest services are already available for around three euros a month. In return, however, you can see all the content Netflix offers worldwide.

Using Netflix with Smart DNS

The advantage of Smart DNS is that the data is not redirected. This means that films and series are not first sent to the user via a server abroad, which can lead to a loss of speed, but are streamed directly from the Netflix servers in the country from which the user retrieves them. This results in shorter buffer times and smoother streaming.

A well-known Smart DNS provider is Overplay. Like all Smart DNS services, it masks the IP address so that it looks to Netflix as if the user comes from another country such as the USA. An unblocker then displays all content in Netflix (see below).

If you need more features, simply use Smart DNS Proxy. The service combines the best of the worlds VPN and Smart DNS and encrypts and masks a user’s traffic. Smart DNS services also offer trial phases in which users can test a provider. To use both VPN and Smart DNS, you basically proceed as follows:

  1. Create account
  2. Bank data deposit or pay with Paypal
  3. Select the country in the backend of the provider for which the own IP is to be output.
  4. Enter IP addresses in the admin area of the router at the DNS server.

Of course, Netflix is trying to stop such measures, and has already started blocking Smart DNS servers that mask IPs. For example, popular services such as PureVPN no longer work.

Smartflix Unblocker for the desktop

Smartflix displays the worldwide catalogue of Netflix videos and unlocks the country restrictions. Users log in with their Netflix access data – and Smartflix does the rest. The login is not sent to the Smartflix servers, but is only used to log in to Netflix and stored on the user’s computer. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of Smartflix is that the content is only offered in 720p resolution. At the moment Smartflix is still in the beta phase, but it is still free of charge. In the future a one-time payment of about 9 Euro will be due.

Netflix on the Smartphone with Getflix

Getflix is an app for Android and iOS that unlocks the Netflix content. The prerequisite for this is an already set up Smart DNS access for the smartphone or tablet. Once set up, users open Netflix as usual and the app does the rest. Unlike Smartflix, Getflix offers a monthly subscription.

Search videos worldwide

Flixed is a search engine for Netflix that shows in which region a video is currently available. All users have to do is search for the title and click Watch now. They then go directly to Netflix, which has been unlocked for the country of their choice using the above methods. An overview on Flixed also shows all new releases.

It should be noted that some of the services listed may no longer work. Depending on how far Netflix is with its technical countermeasures. It remains, as always in the IT world, an arms race.